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Dear diary, can we survive the economic meltdown?

published16 days ago
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As I was indulging in my weekly read-through newsletters (thanks again Meco for saving me HOURS), I came across Khe Hy's $645,099 business pivot essay.

Oh yes, I am also going to add this to my recommended links below, because it's honestly too good.

Mainly, I loved the fact that Khe was so open to talk about his journey, and the overall fact that it provided context about how the industry has changed for so many "creator educators" and experts online.

He did not hold back - and that made me reflect about our journey with AMS.

Running a ££££ certification is not a sustainable business model without diversification - so what can we do?

Today I share the latest experiment we'll be embarking, the power of low-ticket products and so much more.

In summary

  • Low-ticket products make it easier to nurture relationships with potential customers. By offering smaller products that are easy to purchase, you build trust and rapport more quickly than with more expensive items.
  • Listen to your audience as they will help you shape your products more effectively.
  • Don't be afraid to test and adapt your product suite to evolve with the ever-changing times.

From my Notion Dashboard

You can create yours here!

  • Just in case you skipped the intro, dear reader, make time to read through this essay. A honest account of the shifts in the creator and educational landscape. Truly refreshing.
  • Discover Duolingo's top 8 user retention tactics (and the psychology behind them), as well as behind-the-scenes stats and facts to help your product.
  • Jeff Felten, also known as the The Welcome Sequences Guy, is giving away an amazing Google Doc with templates for a welcome email sequence. Needless to say, grab this before it goes behind a paywall!

Rediscovering low-ticket products

Creators often overlook the power of low-ticket products. Introductory content (workshops, courses, or events) allows customers to build trust without a high level of commitment.

You also provide tons of value for very little upfront investment by keeping the cost low. Another benefit for low-ticket products is that they have less content, something which I highly advocate most creators and teachers bear in mind when creating educational products.

Always aim to teach one core concept, teach it well, repeat it often, and aid that transformation your audience will fall in love with.
  • Bundling or offering discounts on multiple services/products makes it easier for customers to purchase multiple items at once. Upsells and order bumps are great for this strategy.
  • Low-ticket products make it easier to nurture relationships with potential customers. By offering smaller products that are easy to purchase, you build trust and rapport more quickly than with more expensive items.
  • Low-ticket products make it easier to get in the door. With lower initial investments, you can quickly start seeing a return on your investment. Make sure you find easy ways to overdeliver - customer service is definitely one way.

Expanding the course library

The funny thing about the course library is that it's truly a hybrid between knowledge hub and community.

We wanted it to be low effort for our students, and a place for them to get back to whenever they may need to overcome challenges, or find answers to questions they may have.

Was it really my idea tho?

As always, the best ideas come straight from the mouth of your audience.

The idea actually came from one of the prospects who joined during a promo effort, and was on the fence as they wanted to "be able to access the content but not being forced to engage".

I love communities, and I think there is so much value in engaged, networking-driven communities. However, going back to our positioning and what our audience needs, we realised we had to follow what they wanted, not what we thought they needed. I

If you need to hear this again, I suggest you tune in Christine's podcast episode.

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March 13th 2023

Introducing ad-hoc labs

This is yet another experiment - mostly inspired by Khe Hy and his 3,000 words essay.

He writes about how, with RadReads, he "will continue to cultivate the existing product portfolio".

I think that is also where we are currently standing. I am not necessarily looking at creating anything new from scratch, but I am curious about amplifying and expanding our educational offers by also offering some of our labs as standalone trainings, similar to what we used to do in 2020.

You may be wondering: why going back to what clearly you moved away from in 2020?

Because as the online landscape adapts, you can only follow suit and do the same yourself.

  • Part of it is also to show people what is included in the library.
  • It also will help boost revenue and cater for professionals who just want to access one piece of training instead of paying for recurrent access.

As we are revamping our existing labs, I'll be reporting on the results!

Appreciation corner

Huge fan of Dylan and his work. He is genuinely one of the nicest people out there, and his knowledge and passion for newsletters is truly unmatched - okay maybe only matched by me *wink*

It was such a pleasure to interview him, and I adore all of the content he puts out on Twitter, so worth a follow!

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Fab Giovanetti ✌
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February 22nd 2023

Fab-ulous weekly highlights

  1. ​Intro to positive impact marketing is back, baby (in my best Austin Powers impression). A new cohort of our student-favourite experience is coming up end of May. Here's the link to find out more - and opt in with our super early bird discount by using our code IAMABADASS23 at checkout.
  2. Talking about experiments...I started playing with a new podcast / YouTube format (watch here) What do you think? Would you like to roundup the best news each week for you? Let me know by hitting reply!

I know things can seem scary at times, but truly, having survived 2 recessions (already!) I can tell you that adapting, evolving and finding the right support to help you are some of the most powerful things you can do to keep shining your light.

Now - and always.

So shine on you crazy diamond,

P.S. if you are looking for more support, these are 3 ways I can help…

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