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publishedabout 1 month ago
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Happy Friday awesome marketer. It’s taken some time — and no doubt some scrambling at Clubhouse HQ — but finally, an Android version of the audio social platform is now available, in limited beta for now, with a wider launch coming soon 🎧

I know what you are thinking, dear marketer — is it too late for Clubhouse? In the past two months Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit and most successfully Twitter have been jumping on the audio bandwagon.

In this excellent piece in Forbes, John Koetsier highlights how Twitter and Clubhouse are driven by a fundamental difference.

“The word I was thinking of is ego.”(shared Paul Amstrong, interviewed in the piece)“A lot of this stuff is very much driven around an individual’s like lust for something. But it’s very rarely, I’ve found, to give back knowledge or to extend knowledge.”

Is Clubhouse destined to fade for good in a few months time? In one of the latest episodes of Alt Marketing School, co-host Becca Holloway shared with me how, with the post-pandemic world opening up, we may see further changes in the way people consume content online.

Will Clubhouse become 2021’s response to Periscope?

Things are about to get spicy!


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  • 🛒 TikTok has invested more heavily in commerce capabilities, recently introducing tie-ups with retailers including Walmart that allow consumers to purchase products without leaving the app. As per Bloomberg “TikTok has begun working with merchants in markets, including the UK, on ways they can sell products directly to millions of users within the app, people familiar with the matter say.”
  • 🎧 This week Twitter has announced that Spaces are now being made available to all users, on both iOS and Android, with over 600 followers. In addition to making Spaces available to many more users, Twitter has also announced a new ticketed Spaces option, which is currently being tested with selected users. Could this be the true response to Clubhouse?
  • 💜 Following LinkedIn’s lead, Instagram has added a new ‘Pronouns’ option on user profiles which lets users select up to four pronouns so that people know how they should be referred to within interactions. This feature shows a further push to maximize inclusion, encouraging all users are able to represent themselves as they choose on the platform.
  • 🎥 YouTube has launched a new, $100 million fund to pay Shorts creators, while it’s also added some new creative tools to the option. The platform is currently moving its focus to short-form content with a new ‘Shorts Fund’ to provide additional support, and motivation, for their efforts. YouTube has been working to bring even more features including automatically add captions to your Short, record up to 60 seconds with the Shorts camera as well as basic filters to colour correct your Shorts, with more effects to come in the future.
  • 💰 In its most recent update, Facebook wants to make sure you’ve read the article you’re about to share. Aiming at bringing more awareness among users, the platform is testing another attempt at fighting misinformation.


How to become a marketing rebel with Mark W. Schaefer. The interview, which I recorded a few months back on the Alt Marketing School podcast, was full of incredibly insightful knowledge. However, I wanted to share some of my favorite highlights with you — because, yes, marketing is sick, and yes, it’s our responsibility as marketers to change that.


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