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Instagram Reel Insights just Dropped

published24 days ago
2 min read

Happy Friday awesome marketer. This week we most exciting thing happened. So exciting, I wrote a full piece about it. So excited, I'd be tempted to just leave the newsletter to that single piece of news - but then, that would not be fair on everybody else, would it?

Still, Instagram announced Insights for Reels and Live broadcasts, and I am here for it 💃

Instagram is helping creators make the most of their opportunities by providing new insights data for both Reels and Instagram Live broadcasts within the app.

This means you gotta look out, TikTok. Instagram is seriously coming for you 😉

As you may notice, we have slightly reduced our publishing podcast schedule, so this week you can enjoy our marketing soundbites with Becca - if you have not already!


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Fab and Alt Marketing School teacher Becca run through the hottest news in the marketing world. 30-minute roundup of highlights, news and interesting marketing titbits. In this episode we talk about the new Pinterest Idea Pins, Facebook Live Shopping Fridays, Twitter subscriptions and so much more.


  • 🔥Are influencers truly burnt out? “TikTok is a sign of the future, which already feels like a thing of the past. It is the clock counting down our fifteen seconds of fame, the sound the world makes as time is running out.” This article explores how being a social media star is a microcosm of what’s happening to us all.
  • 💰 Pinterest has provided insight into the first stage of its Creator Fund. Back in April, Pinterest announced its new ‘Creator Fund’ initiative, through which it would provide $500k in funding to facilitate support for creators from underrepresented communities. If you are interested to know more, Pinterest has provided an overview of the results from the first stage of the program, while also opening up applications for the next phase of Creator Fund funding.
  • 📅 Creator Week, Instagram’s first-ever professional development program for creators, will feature guest speakers including JoJo Siwa, 50 Cent, Yung BBQ, Elsa Majimbo, and more. The invite-only virtual event will bring around 5,000 U.S.-based makers together for three days of virtual sessions aimed at helping creators build their personal brands on Instagram and Facebook.
  • 🎙 TikTok has announced a new partnership with SiriusXM and Pandora. The creation of ‘TikTok Radio’, a new digital radio station, is deepening the connection with music trends. The station will showcase trending tracks based on platform engagement, and feature playlists from, and collaborations with, TikTok influencers throughout the summer in the US.
  • 🎧 Is Instagram taking on Clubhouse with its Live feature? This is going to change the way marketers will be using Live going forward, especially since Instagram introduced muting and audio-only options. A small tweak has been made to the Live settings, so much so that from now on speakers can mute themselves or deactivate video.
  • 🛍 It’s no secret that TikTok has been inspiring loads of purchases through reviews and recommendations. Recently, Amazon took it all one step further as they released a new page full of all the weird and cool products you see on TikTok.


Tailwind jut launched its Create feature for Instagram and Facebook. You can now create incredible designs right from Tailwind in a few simple clicks.


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