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Learn about TikTok's New 'Shoutouts' Option

published22 days ago
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Oh, Instagram, you cheeky thing. Over the last week, awesome marketer,

Last week, Instagram has made the news by announcing it is no longer a ‘photo sharing app’ — and the marketing world literally lost it.

“We’re also going to be experimenting with how do we embrace video more broadly — full screen, immersive, entertaining, mobile-first video,” Mosseri said. “You’ll see us do a number of things, or experiment with a number of things in this space over the coming months.”

Almost at the same TikTok is extending the option to post videos up to three minutes long for all users, showing growing interest in evolving its video strategy.

As Drew Kirchhoff, Product Manager at TikTok put it:

“…we often hear from creators that they’d love just a little more time to bring their cooking demos, elaborate beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans, and comedic sketches to life with TikTok’s creative tools. With longer videos, creators will have the canvas to create new or expanded types of content on TikTok, with the flexibility of a bit more space.”

The battle of video-sharing apps may begin. Are you team TikTok or Instagram?



We got it: Instagram is going after TikTok. As Adam Mosseri released the key focuses of the app, there was no surprised around and single point they raised. Shopping? Check. Creators? Check. Listen to our favourite news in brief from the past week.


  • 👔 TikTok is testing a job application tool that allows its users to directly apply with video resumes. The short-term pilot program, called TikTok Resumes, stems from#CareerTok, and the company’s deliberate initiatives to influence college students and younger users. There are more than 30 companies signed up to accept resumes for the pilot, which will last until July 31.
  • ⚖️ Pinterest announced a new policy that bans all ads featuring weight-loss language or imagery, part of its efforts to create a more inclusive platform for users. The company claims it is the first platform to enact such a policy.
  • 💸 TikTok is working hard to provide more revenue generation for creators, especially as apps like Instagram have been releasing new monetisation options. The app has this week added a new Cameo-like option called ‘Shoutouts’ in the app. This option enables fans to pay to have platform stars send them a personalized video message in exchange for TikTok coins. TikTok added its own virtual currency last year, which primarily enables users to purchase virtual gifts that can be sent to creators during TikTok live streams.
  • 🤳 As reported by Vice, last week, legislators in Norway passed new regulations which will require all influencers and advertisers to clearly label all retouched photos, providing more transparency in such depictions.
  • 🌱 Facebook this week said it had joined the European Union’s Climate Pact and pledged to take steps toward reducing its carbon footprint. The social network outlined four ways it will work to help people “build a greener Europe.”
  • 🤝 Twitter is working on a new option that would enable users to share their tweets with selected audiences, as opposed to all of their followers with every tweet. The idea is that this would help users get more out of their Twitter experience, and avoid them having to create separate accounts for different audiences and interests.
  • 👏 Doritos has launched "Solid Black," an initiative that seeks to boost the voices of and provide resources to Black creators. The brand selected seven "changemakers" that are using innovation to drive culture and give back to the Black community. Each will receive $50,000 to support their work, which will be showcased across Doritos' website with a dedicated landing page, social media, packaging and TV advertising.


LinkedIn has published a new, 14-page mini-overview of its various ad and audience targeting options, which could help provide more context, and assistance, in devising your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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